Welcome to the official website of the C.E.G. of South Florida, Inc.
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Our business is helping God’s people to build, buy, and bank collectively, to fulfill their hopes and dreams!

We are a consortium of churches, represented by their pastors. We are engaged in a broad range of programs pursuing social and economic justice for all in our community, bringing together under our “Big Tent” all of the diversity of God’s children, as found in our faith, business, and public sectors. We are all each others’ keepers!

Welcome to the website of the Collective Empowerment Group of South Florida Inc. (CEG). In 700 BC the Prophet Isaiah (58:9-12), in the midst of similar national economic turmoil as ours today, exclaimed, (paraphrased) “Thus says the Lord: If you would remove the yoke from your midst, stop pointing fingers, give to the hungry and the afflicted, I (the Lord) will guide you, satisfy you, and strengthen you, like a well watered garden, and you will be called the repairers of the breach.”

The CEG is rapidly removing the yoke, has stopped pointing fingers, and is becoming South Florida’s “repairers of the breach.” We are rebuilding, renovating and rebranding our organization and our community. As a faith-based organization we are creating an economic umbrella for all God’s people, regardless of faith, race, creed or economic background, in an effort to create what we are calling “The Big Tent.” The goal of the CEG is to help to connect our community’s finances with ethics, better values and proper priorities, which leads to socially conscious consuming.

Here in this website, we hope, are all of the key ingredients needed for the community’s economic wellness and for the promotion and the creation of true economic justice. The CEG is now well established and is using its own self-assessment tool. “SupportWell” is designed to improve our and other nonprofits’ operational programmatic efficiency, financial accountability and governance, all with enhanced transparency. The principal purpose of “Support Well” is to insure that nonprofit management organizations have verifiable impact.

Finally, we, the CEG, believe as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said, “Our emphasis must be twofold: we must create employment and help create and increase incomes. People must be made consumers by one method or the other.”

Pastor R. Joaquin Willis, D. Min.
CEO/Chairman, Board of Directors